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If you're wondering about me, I am "The Skinny Critic..." My name is Brittany Fuisz and I am a Lifestyle Editor for C-Suite Quarterly Magazine, as well as the Los Angeles Yelp Community Director.

I love food, wine and all things related. I also love staying in shape. Kate Moss said, "No food tastes as good as skinny feels." I don't know if I agree with that entirely, as I've tasted some pretty incredible things. But the point is, there is always another meal to eat, something new and wonderful to try. Never feel like "this is my last chance! I have to eat all the pizza now because I will never have pizza this good again, ever!" Chances are you will have a better pizza at some point in time, so eat until just before you are full (it takes 20 min for your stomach to tell your mind) and enjoy that you didn't stuff your face.

It's also all about exercise and moderation. I am very conscious about what I put into my body and how those foods make me feel. I always eat breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. I usually opt for a smoothie, egg whites, fruit, yogurt or oatmeal. Lunch is either a salad, smoothie or soup. I like to keep it light in the middle of the day and heavy lunches slow me down. If I have a heavy lunch I want to crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head for a few hours, so I usually save the big meals for dinner.

I love dinner. I plan vacations around dinner. I love three hour dinners with 10 courses. I also love the random Thai place down the street where dinner costs less than $10 and the food is authentic and spicy.

I'm very ingredient conscious. I'm not obsessive about it, but I really appreciate local, sustainable ingredients and seek them out whenever possible. It's great that local farmer's markets are sprouting up left and right and people are gaining easier access to healthier foods. Stores like Whole Foods make buying organic easy in terms of availability but a bit tough on the wallet. Organic fruits and vegetables taste so much better, that I do buy organic whenever possible for my produce.

I do love my sweets. I always have dessert. I love seeking out meticulously made gelato, no matter what city I am in. I also have an addiction to cupcakes and I thoroughly enjoy cookies, and pies. Ok, I like almost all desserts.

The message here, or the "skinny" rather, is that to stay thin definitely takes work. It's not as simple as having a good metabolism. I do some form of continuous cardio for at least 45 minutes per day- EVERY DAY! That's seven days a week. Again I don't eat that much during the day usually and if you don't stuff your face during the day you can eat pretty much whatever you want for dinner. Of course there are exceptions but overall my big meals are dinner and dessert. Dessert is often my fourth meal of the day. I figure if I eat really healthy during all other times, a dessert a day won't hurt me...

Yours truly,

The Skinny Critic


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